Cutie Pie: The Series was one of those BL dramas that really stands out for me. Not only did it introduce the incredible talent that is Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (who goes by his nickname NuNew) to the world, but it also gave us the ship to end all ships NuNew and Pruk Panich (who goes by his nickname Zee). Plus, the music of this series was just incredible! So, when my friends at eThaiCD let me know that not only was the box set available for pre-order but that there would be two different sets (offering very different extras), I rushed to make my order. 

For every Thai series I order, I do so through eThai. Their Customer service is second to none, and honestly, they’re just great at what they do. I can’t recommend them enough.

Finally, after several production delays, the Cutie Box B finally arrived.

Overall, the box set is incredibly impressive – both in size and content. Physically, it’s probably the biggest boxset I have ever owned. Seriously, this thing is HUGE. 

The entire 12-episode series is contained on one USB completely uncut (and I do mean UNCUT) with deleted scenes (again…. UNCUT) and behind the scenes extras. As a pleasant surprise, an 11 track OST is also included – in .wav form! The boxset also includes mini versions of both of Kiren’s animal plushies. A Photobook Outdoor (A5 size, 80 pages). 6 characters Keychains, a set of six never-before-seen photo cards, and 10 special mini-cards.

For those not familiar with the sizing, A5 is about 5.83 × 8.27 inches, so it’s smaller than the average photo book. Still, it’s backed with some GORGEOUS high-gloss photos – and everything is pretty stellar quality (which I have come to expect from Mandee). Even the display is cute. 

The post cards are a bit different than the images shown, but still just as adorable as can be. The ONLY thing about the product is that even though Thai was advised the USB version of the set would come with subtitles (English and Chinese), this set does not. It appears that only Cutie Box A – which includes the DVD set has subtitles.*

The fact that the Cutie Box B includes a digital copy of the soundtrack in .wav form is incredible. The Eleven tracks included are:
1. Nunew – My Cutie Pie (ไอ้คนน่ารัก)
2. Nunew – How You Feel
3. Zee Pruk – Always You (ไม่เคยไม่รัก)
4. Ton Thanasit – First Date (ต้น ธนษิต)
5. Amp Achariya, Aek Sudkhate – I Feel Your Love
6. NuNew – Be Yours (ให้ฉันเป็นของเธอ)
7. Nat Natasit – Alone (คนเดียว)
8. Tutor – Suddenly (เป็นไปได้ไหมเธอ)
9. Nunew – Will You Still Love Me? (จะรักฉันอยู่ไหม)
10. Zee Pruk – Love (ใจรัก)
11. ZeeNuNew – Baby Boo (ที่รักที่รัก)

It’s a beautiful set and worth every penny.


Mandee has made it very clear, that they will take leal action if fans share ANY of the uncut materials on ANY PLATFORM – as these materials are exclusive to the box set.

*eThai is aware of this issue and is making arrangements to fix subtitles.

More Cutie Pie soon so…

Stay Tuned!