Last week I received Cutie Pie The Series Cutie Box set “B” from the excellent people at eThai CD, and while I did do an initial product review, I wasn’t aware of all the issues at the time (other than the missing subtitles). Now that I’m actually getting into the content – more and more issues about the set are being revealed. 

From what I have been told, different sets have different issues, so I will post the problems specific to my set – all of which I know eThai CD is already working with DoMunDi TV / Mandee on a solution for. 

Most of the problems are with the USB drive itself. I will break down

What was Advertised: 12 complete/uncut episodes with subtitles.

What was received: 12 episodes, that read with an extra hour of playtime. The episodes seems to start at the 1 hour mark instead of 0:00. The episode is only 55:07 long. There is no additional content.

These episodes, while missing the “Next break” bumpers, are not cut. The NC scenes I have seen pop up on various social media platforms (that DoMunDi TV has asked fans to take down) are missing, at least from my set – also again, No subtitles were included.

What was advertised: Behind the Scenes, with interviews including: Cutie Interview and ZeeNunew.

What was Received: CUTIE_PIE_BEHINDSPECIAL – 5 short behind the scenes clips (just over two minutes in length), which are all cute. But no interviews were included.

There was no digital version of the soundtrack advertised on this set, only a CD Version for Cutie Box “A,” which is why I purchased both sets. It was a pleasant surprise, but had I known, I may have reconsidered buying Box set “A” – to be honest, I probably would’ve still purchased it; I just would’ve thought about it a little bit more.

Again, I know DoMunDi TV is working on a solution to getting fans everything that was promised, along with a few extras.

More Cutie Pie Box Set updates soon so…

Stay Tuned!