The 2020 tragic romance series Peach of Time was one of those series that took me by surprise (I did a full review here). When I saw that it would get a Blu-ray release, I couldn’t have been more excited and jumped to CD Japan to pre-order.

with a price tag of about $67.00 the two-disc set is sleek and sweet, but unlike the boxsets from Thailand, there are not many extras included, though it does come with a 16-page photo book. 

In addition to the series’ ten episodes, there are cast interviews, behind-the-scenes, and a make-of video. Presented in 1080p HD, the quality is gorgeous. However, one issue is that it does not come with English subtitles, so you will have to find soft subs, unless you speak Thai AND Korean – as the series is presented in both languages – which adds to this whimsical charm of this series.

Peach of Time Blu-ray cover

More BL Product and series review soon so…

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