It’s been a long time since another series has filled me with such a mix of joy and dread like Eternal Yesterday. It’s such a wonderful series that the weekly wait for a new episode is literal torture

Picking up where last week’s episode left off, Mitsuru and Koichi rush to the aid of their teacher Ogawa who is wanting to commit suicide after breaking up with his boyfriend, Takami.

A distraught Ogawa ready to end it all.

They convince him not to jump with Koichi revealing he’s a corpse in the process.

Koichi and Mitsuru stand behind Takami (Asai Daichi).

After an evening Koichi’s family he and Mitsuru fall asleep cuddling.

The trailer for next week’s episode seemingly shows classmates not only unable to see Koichi but forgetting about him entirely.

I don’t see how this series can have a happy ending. Not at all, but I am curious to see which way it will go.
More Eternal Yesterday next week so… stay tuned!