Much like Lydia Deets i found myself on a journey of the strange and unusual when I decided to watch the live-action film adaptation of Osomatsu-San (Mr. Osomatsu). I have never seen the anime and if I am being honest (it should surprise no one), I purchased this film strictly for the fact that it starred every single member of Snow Man.

me rushing to get Osomatsu-san

I also went into this film knowing it was going to be a trip. I just had no idea how absolutely insane it was going to be. And it is ABSOLUTELY insane.

I ordered the Super Luxurious Complete Box Blu-ray because it came with a load of extras and I love collecting things. The 5-disc set includes the film on 1080 HD blu-ray, but the other three video discs are standard DVDs. The fifth disc is the film’s soundtrack sans the movie’s theme song, “ブラザービート” (Brother Beat), recorded by Snow Man. In addition to the disc, the set includes a photo book, journal, and postcards. 

I ordered a set from Neokyo, which, even with international shipping, still only totaled about $75 (other items were included) – and from what I’ve seen of different online prices, it was a great deal! 

Osomatsu-san boxset

On to the film… (note: I watched this film without subtitles, only knowing remedial Japanese, after taking an SUPER POTENT edible). Again, I knew it was going to be trippy and I wanted to heighten the experience.

I knew I was in for something wild when Koji Mukai (Osomatsu Matsuno) dropped his pants and tried to defecate to show he’d been first in line while his five brothers: Raul (Todomatsu), Ren Meguro (Choromatsu), Hikaru Iwamoto (Karamatsu), Daisuke Sakuma (Jyushimatsu), and Tatsuya Fukasawa (Ichimatsu) and everyone else watched in horror. (Note: the brothers are supposed to be identical sextuplets). Later, Osomatsu relieves himself on a car, for an impossibly long amount of time, with a strength of stream most firehoses couldn’t produce (It’s hysterical) and while doing so meets an older but dapper man and his wife. They inform Osomatsu that he looks like their son, who has died, and they wants to adopt him. This sets his brothers, who again all believe they look identical, fighting to see who will be adopted by the old man as he is the CEO of a major corporation, and they will want to become his heir. The three remaining members of Snow Man, Shota Watanabe (End), Ryota Miyadate (period), and Ryohei Abe (Close), who play mysterious figures in black, show up (from what I could gather) to screw with everything, and the movie just gets weirder from there. There’s time travel, cyborgs, the crime of the century, and some of the strangest, most bizarre fight scenes I’ve ever seen. Also, Hikaru is shirtless in a few scenes, and it is GLORIOUS.

Karamatsu falling into the puddle I melted into after watching him work out

As a whole, the movie was weird but enjoyable. I laughed a lot. Next time maybe I’ll even watch it with subtitles. 

More from Snow Man soon so… stay tuned!

Karamatsu working out his frustration because sweaty Iwamoto… why not?