I am going to be honest with you, When it comes to television series, I often make snap judgments. I sometimes decide way too early on that “Frankly my dear, I just don’t give a damn,” and I stop watching. More often than not this comes back to bite me in the butt. I did it with 2gether (I ended up spending a small fortune to get the DVD box sets). I did it with Until We Meet Again (luckily I found a used set for not quite as much as I paid for 2gether), and most recently, I did it with Peach of Time. Five minutes into the first episode, I decided I was bored and I turned it off.  

Learn from my mistakes my dear, sweet readers. Don’t do that! It was a mistake! This series is beautiful and 100 percent worth your time! It’s now one of my favorites! 

Peach (Jimmy Karn) arrives in Korea from Thailand after being invited by his friend Yoon Oh (Choi Jae Hyun). Despite Yoon not picking up his phone (or Peach from the airport), our fearless and handsome hero finds his way to the Happy Resort which is owned by Yoon’s mother, Moon (June Ae Yun) owns.  A dapper young guest Mario (Tommy Sittichok), sees Peach but doesn’t offer to help him (rude), but eventually Moon arrives home to find Peach at the door.  

Peach (Jimmy Karn) arrives in Korea from Thailand

While Moon is surprised to see the young man standing at her door, she welcomes him into her home and shows him the way to Yoon’s bedroom – nothing out of the ordinary, right? Typical behavior of a mother when she learns her only son’s dearest friend from school has arrived for a visit. 


Peach finds Yoon hiding in his bedroom closet and discovers that he and his mother haven’t been talking lately. In fact, they go out of their way to avoid one another. One of the main reasons for this frosty existence? Yoon is dead and his mother can’t see him. 

Yep. You read that right. Yoon is DEAD. He’s a ghost – but somehow Peach cannot only see and hear him but can touch (and be touched by) him as well. So, yeah, the story takes a weird turn real fast – Mario is also a ghost who’s been stuck at the resort for the past twenty years. 

Moon (June Ae Fun), Peach(Jimmy Karn), Yum (Choi Jae Hyun), and Mario (Tommy Sittichok)

Even after discovering his best friend is now an earthbound spirit, Peach decides to stay at the resort. He is even able to convince Moon that he’s not crazy and that Yoon’s spirit is with them.

Just a ghost ((Choi Jae Hyun )and his overly dramatic human (Jimmy Karn)

Knowing Peach can communicate with her son, Moon uses him to apologize. Even when Yoon was alive, the two’s relationship was prickly at best. The last thing she text her son was It was a mistake to have you. Yoon read the text right before he was hit by a car. But, with Peach’s help, their relationship is mended. 

Together they also discover the truth about Yoon’s death and his soul is finally able to move on in one of the most heart-wrenching pieces of television I have ever seen. 

The moment before the moment that broke my heart. Peach(Jimmy Darn) says goodbye to Yun Oh (Choi Jae Hyun) for the last time.

Released in 2021 as a WeTv original, Peach of Time will be available as a Blu-ray box set from Takeshobo on 5 October 2022 and can be purchased through Amazon or CD Japan. Yes, I will be buying it.

Now, should this or some other BL Series that I have (or will) review be Geo-locked there are legal ways you can watch these series. One of them is by using a VPN service. You can read about VPNs and decide which is best for you here.