I first discovered In the flesh, because, well, to be frank, I had a crush on its star Luke Newberry.

Creative / Writer Dominic Mitchell captivated me with a completely different take on the zombie genre and it quickly became one of my favorites. To this day, eight years after the series cancellation, I keep going back to it.

In the Flesh DVD cover featuring Luke Newberry

Newberry stars as Keiren (called Ren by his mates) a handsome young artist who sufferers from Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS). In other words, Ren died, then came back to life (partially) as a zombie. The government created a special drug that allowed for the control of the zombies, so now, they’re just like us only (partially) dead.

Relationships with his family and friends are complicated not just by the fact that he’s partially deceased, but also his manner of death.

Luckily, he makes friends with another PDS suffer, Amy, played by the incomparable Emily Bevan, who shines a bright and beautiful light into Ren’s often gloomy afterlife.

Amy (Emily Bevan) and Ren (Luke Newberry) in a Season 2 promo

The series has it all, drama, romance, adventure, and some of the most well-rounded characters in television. Seriously, the series has something for everyone.

If it hadn’t been for budget cuts I do believe that this series (which aired from 2013 – 2014 for two seasons) could still be producing new episodes.

Hover, it does look like the series may be coming back – at least in script form. But, it needs our help.

Mitchell has started a Go Fund Me campaign to start writing new episodes. Already incredibly close to his goal of 5,000 British pounds Mitchell’s current plan is to release the scripts (at least partially) for fans. To donate, click here.

As a fan I am so excited for the possibility of the series coming back in any more. Also, having read all of Mitchell’s scripts (thanks BBC Writer’s Room), I know they’re going to be amazing.