Since being introduced to Snow Man, one of the things that I’ve come to realize is that Sakuma Daisuke, the energetic pink-haired acrobat of the group, loves to make people laugh. So, it’s no surprise that his contribution to the Snow Labo S2 album is the incredibly fun, and silly Kitta Kittenai.

The plot of this catchy tune revolves around a guy who is out with his girlfriend on a date and she keeps asking him questions like “What do you think about this” and “Do you notice anything different?” The guy, being a typical dude, has no idea what she’s talking about and keeps taking shots in the dark about what she expects him to say. “Kitta Kittenai” refers to the hook, which settles on the guy’s internal struggle of trying to figure out if maybe she cut her hair or not.

Leave it to Sakuma… This song, like JUICY is so catchy! I love it.