Meguro Ren is a different kind of man crush. It’s thanks to him that I discovered Snow Man and Johnnys in general. He’s so special in fact, that I will offer this post not only in English but also in Japanese. 

The dreamy Meguro Ren

I discovered the twenty-five-year-old dream boat as one-half of the lead couple in the 2021 Japanese BL Keita Hatsukoi. Meguro played Ida, a stoic, handsome, and adorably clueless high school athlete who, after a mix-up, finds himself the object of affection of Aoki (played by Naniwa Danshi’s Shunsuke Michieda). It’s a super cute series you can currently stream on Viki.

Meguro and Shunsuke promoting Kieta Hatsukoi

Born on 16 February 1997 in Tokyo this tall drink of dreamy joined Johnny & Associates on 30 October 2010 and was added as one of the last three additions of Snow Man (with Raul and Mukai Koji) on 17 January 2019 – just a few months before the group’s official debut. 

Originally a member of the Johnnys Jr group Uchu Six, for a time, he was a part of both, but later left the Uchu Six, with the blessings of the other members, to give Snow Man his full attention. 

Meguro with his Uchu Six group mates:Yamamoto Ryota, Matsumoto Kota, Eda Tsuyoshi, Hara Yoshitaka
Note: Uchu Six officially disbanded on 3 October 2020

Outside of his work with Snow Man, Meguro is a successful model and actor with several films, series, and magazine covers under his belt.   

Some of Meguro’s cover work

It was recently announced that he will star alongside Kawaguchi Haruna in the romantic drama Silent. Premiering in October, Meguro will play Sakura Sou, who dated Kawaguchi’s character (Aoba Tsumugi) in high school.  After breaking her heart and vanishing without a trace the two reconnect eight years later, but Aoba soon realizes that Sakura has gone almost completely deaf. 

Meguro and Kawaguchi in a publicity still for Silent

For the release of Snow Man’s second album Snow Labo. S2 each member of the group chose one song that best fit their personal taste and style. For his contribution, Meguro chose: “ボクとキミと” a sweet and sentimental piano ballad that garnered almost 2 million views in less than twenty-four hours. 

Translating to “Me and You”, it is unknown as of now if “ボクとキミと will be featured as a theme to Silent (like Snow Man’s “Secret Touch” in Keita Hatsukoi)  but even if not, it’s an absolutely beautiful piece of music – and how adorable is Meguro’s big bright smile? 

Screenshot from ボクとキミと

It’s that smile, his angelic voice, and those innocently sweet eyes (not to mention a body even the gods of Olympus would be jealous of) that make Meguro the full-package man. 

More Meguro
He’s dog approved – so you know he’s a good guy!!

There will be a lot more of Meguro (and all the men of Snow Man) so… stay tuned.