Waking up this morning, I decided to look back at the events of the past twelve months. I started 2022 feeling a bit like Alice after she’d fallen down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. There was still a lot of anxiety about a world just beginning to get back to normal after being trapped in Covid Hell. It was strange, and ‘normal’ no longer meant the same thing it used to. Still, even while stuck in the strangeness, some pretty incredible things happened to me last year, including creating this blog. So, as I step forward into this new chapter, here are a few moments that made 2022 special for me.

5.) Gawin Caskey Interview

During the thick of the pandemic, I discovered the wonderful world of BL dramas, and one of my favorites stared Gawin Caskey. Better known by his nickname Fluke, this twenty-five-year-old actor is one of the most talented signed under Thai entertainment mega-corp GMMTV. I first discovered him as one of the stars of Dark Blue Kiss and fell in love with his deep and emotional voice. He was my first interview within the GMMTV family, and I am so glad he was. 

4.) Snow Man

57 of the 229 posts on this blog are related to Snow Man, which is much less than I expected. Over the past twelve months, this group has become one of my absolute favorites. Their music has helped me smile, dance, and even create. Also, have you seen Ren Meguro

3.) Getting to know Johnny & Associates 

Since moving to Hollywood, I’ve been an entertainment correspondent for several outlets, both print and digital, and I’ve interacted with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry – on both sides of the pen. The dedication J&A has for their talent and their fans is just wonderful. 

2.) JittiRain Interview

It’s a rare event when you get a chance to talk to your idols, and it’s rarer still when those idols are as sweet and kind as JittiRain. The woman has created some of the most beloved BL characters in the world. However, when you speak to her, it’s like talking to an old friend. She’s one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. 

1.) Travis Japan’s Official Debut.

I cannot say enough good things about the guys of Travis Japan and announcing their debut after following as closely as I had since their arrival in Hollywood was one of those moments a journalist dreams of. Also, they’re just the sweetest groups of guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! They couldn’t be more deserving of all the attention and success they are receiving from fans all across the globe. I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for them!

2022 was fabulous but 2023 is shaping up to be even better for me. So..

Stay Tuned!