The chatter around the internet water-coolers has mostly been about how slow this episode was and how many people have come away not really liking Minato. At all. So, when I sat down to watch it, I was nervous. Very nervous.

Minato has been my MVP since episode one, even though the series belongs to my 4ever #ManCrush Meguro Ren.

Meguro Ren turning back to see if he heard what I just wrote correctly.

The episode does officially clarify that Minato and Tsumugi have, in fact, broken up. It’s over. Neither of them wants it, but Mintao knows it’s for the best (even if Tsumugi doesn’t). His reason for breaking up is that he doesn’t want to be cruel to her (or Sou). He wants them to be able to remain friends. He knows he’s not the one for her. So (in his mind), why spend more time hurting each other? when her soulmate (Sou) has reentered her life.

A lot of viewers have talked about how weak Minato is. How, if he had a spine, he’d fight for Tsumugi. But here’s my retort. It takes so much more strength to let someone you love go (when you know you’re not right for them) than it does to fight to keep them. Letting them go means that you love them more than your own happiness. It’s not selfish or weak. It actually shows that he really is a very good man.

Was this the most exciting or emotional episode of the series? No. But it was a necessary step so Sou and Tsumugi can start on the path towards their future.

Personally, I’m all about the SouMinato ghostship that’s been haunting the internet since last week.

Exactly what Meme would say to me if he was here.

More silent soon. Stay tuned!