Iwamoto Hikaru, the chisel-jawed leader of the the idol group Snow Man will star in a Japanese adaptation of Terrance McNally’s hit musical Catch Me If You Can!

Based off the 2002 film of the same name (which is based of the 1980 autobiography, of the same name, of Frank Abagnale Jr.) Iwamoto will star as Frank Jr whom was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film – which was directed by Steven Spielberg.

Set in the Bronx in 1968, Catch Me if You Can is the story of a teenage con-man (Abagnale Jr) who, in addition to many other crimes, impersonates a pilot.

While Iwamoto is no stranger to acting (his newest film My Boyfriend in Orange is out now) this is his first solo starring role on the stage for the handsome heartthrob.

Publicity photo of Iwamoto as Frank Jr.

To be honest I have no idea when Iwamoto finds time to sleep. As mentioned previously, his latest film My boyfriend in Orange was released in July and Snow Man’s single for movie’s theme song “オレンジkiss” sold over 650,000 physical units in under 24 hours and is (to date) the biggest single of 2022.

Earlier this month it was simulatniously announced that Snow Man’s second album Labo S2 will be released on 21 September and that they were in preparations for a new tour starting 1 October. Iwamoto was also featured as the cover model for the July Issue of Tarzan Magazine.

Iwamato on the cover of Tarzan

The man is a machine.

“Catch Me If You Can” which will run at the Orix Theater in Tokyo International Forum Hall C in August and September.

Catch Me if You Can poster

Tickets (for those who will be in Tokyo during the shows run) can be purchased here. The production also stars Eisaku Yoshida as Carl Hanrati (the role Tom Hanks played in the film), Yui Yokoyama as Brenda Strong, Yuji Kishi as Frank Abagnail Sr, and a plethora of other talented actors.

Since their debut in 2019 Snow Man hasn’t stopped. Their first single D.D. was the biggest debut in Asian history and its gotten better since then. So, stay tuned…