Simon Curtis is a Hollywood savant who has appeared in numerous television series and films and released several albums – all of which are in constant rotation on my iPhone. He also single handedly reignited my passion for writing when I watched him speak at the release of his 2019 debut novel Boy Robot.

He’s also just an incredibly sweet guy – which is why I am so excited for him and his new graphic novel The Witches of Westlake.

Published through Legendary Comics the book will be distributed by Simon & Schuster. Curtis wrote the story while Stephanie Son provided the artwork.

Cover to The Witches of Westlate

A bit about the book from the Simon & Schuster website: Elliot Green has had a rough year. His dad died, he had to move across the country, and now he’s about to start high school in one of LA’s most prestigious private schools, where his mom has accepted the position of Vice Principal. He’s quickly taken in by the school’s outcasts: the scholarship kids; the queer kids; and the ones who just don’t really fit in with the glossy trust fund babies of SJTBA. They quickly let him in on their little secret…they are witches. Elliot joins them in their world among the crystal stores and occult shops of Silverlake and ends up joining his new friends’ coven. During one of their magical experiments, they accidentally release a bloodthirsty demon that starts murdering their classmates and teachers. Elliot and his coven realize that the fun and games of playing with crystals and candles is over, that magic is powerful, real, and that it might be more dangerous than they’d ever imagined.

The Witches of Westlake will be release March 21, 2023. You can pre-order here.