I love a good mystery, don’t you?  Especially when it involves nine irresistibly handsome men with a 1970s noir-inspired theme – which is exactly what Japanese idol group Snow Man has been serving up on their official YouTube page over the last week.

First, The sixty-second “OMG!?! WTF is happening!?!?” Nanda kore!? A sixty-second teaser that when translated literally means “What is this?” Which is exactly what fans have been clamoring to answer since its release on August 3rd. 

The video, which plays out like a film trailer ends with Raul, the youngest member of the group walking in to find the lifeless bodies of Snow Man’s other eight members at a table – an unreadable message, presumably written in blood on the wall behind them.

Then, twenty-four hours later, a surprise music video for a disco-inspired new song “JUICY.”  

Catchy, sexy, and fun the video, choreographed by Snow Man’s leader Iwamoto Hikaru the group’s dance sequence is easily something that could become the next big TikTok craze. 

But, as fun as it is, it also appears to take place during the events of the teaser, which has left fans with even more questions. 

Garnering over a million views in less than six hours, comments are equally as excited as they are perplexed – praising the group for stirring imagination while simultaneously losing their collective sh*t over whatever the hell it was Raul walked in on.

Well, today, the wait is over and those questions have been answered as the group has announced the release of their second album: Snow Labo S2.

o Snow Labo S2 cover

The album will have 3 separate versions each with varying extras that will make each one them a collectors item. Snow Labo S2 will release on September 21st. You can pre-order the album here.

Labo, short for Laboratory means that the theme for the album is experimentation and will incorporate a variety of styles and elements that will allow each member, and the group as a whole, a chance to stretch their creative legs and try something different and new. Each members selected one of the twelves songs on the album based on their genre of interest with the remaining three songs being the lead single” JUICY”, “Brother Beat”, and “Secret Touch” (all of which have been previously released as singles.

To promote the album the group will also be going on tour from October 1st – December 22.

Already the biggest group in Asia (their last single “オレンジkiss (orange kiss)” went triple-platinum in just seven days and the number of international fans responding to the videos can only mean one thing:  They’re about to be global superstars.  

So stay tuned.