Thailand’s entertainment powerhouse, GMMTV has been kings of the Boys Love industry since the release of their 2016 mega-hit SOTUS: The Series. Largely considered to be the start of Thailand’s BL revolution, GMMTV has continued to produce quality series year after year.

Some popular GMMTV Series

The only problem is, when you’re the king, there is always waiting in the wings to come up behind you and snatch that crown like a pissed off Drag Queen after a lip-sync challenge you know full well was rigged!

While their 2021 production Bad Buddy made instant international superstars out of series leads Nanon Korapat and Ohm Pawat, another series, long stuck in production hell was gearing up to be released and when KinnPorsche finally premiered in April 2022, it was all anyone was talking about.

Produced by Be On Cloud, the series blended the action and drama of a mafia lifestyle with the drama and romance fans have come to expect with BL dramas, and with its cinematic production quality, it looked like GMMTV and their sweet but simple style of production was about to go the way of the dodo.

Then Vice Versa premiered.

A supernatural story that not only involves body swapping but body swapping in an alternate universe, the series not only features the reunion of Korapat and Pawat but was the first starring role for Jimmy Jiystsphol, who was a secondary character in Bad Buddy. The series also stars Sea Tawinan in his first starring role.

And one of the things GMMTV is best at is being the first.

After drowning in his universe Talay (Tawinan) wakes up in the body of a man named Tess (Pawat) and reencounters Puen (Jiystsphol), a famous actor who is now in the body of Tun (Korapat) following a car accident. The two have Phuwadol, the genre’s first FTM character played by Jean Lalana, a nurse who helps people from the same universe they left behind, to guide them through life in this new universe. According to Phuwadol, there’s a chance they may be one another’s “portkey,” people who can help them return to where they came from once they have completed what they need to achieve. Love starts to blossom between the two, which may put a damper on their desire to return to their shared home universe.

One of the things GMMTV has that a lot of other companies do not is a near decade-long span of producing internationally successful series, which was something they could draw to create the first multiverse of the BL industry.

The 12 episodes of Vice Versa will be uploaded every Saturday to GMMTV’s official YouTube channel.

With five months left in 2022, there are still several series GMMTV has yet to debut, so… stay tuned.