Ladies and gentlemen, the Queen has returned. 

In her first English language release in 27 years, the iconic Belinda Carlisle has teamed up with the legendary Diane Warren for a five-track EP that is (if I’m being honest) the best of everything she’s ever done. 

Named Kismet (after a chance encounter reunited the dynamic duo), the five-track EP opens with “Big Big Love,” which is fresh and fabulous while at the same time dripping with remnants of the the 1980s. It’s a song that allows Carlisle’s voice, which has aged like a fine wine, to absolutely shimmer. 

“If U Leave” is one of those love anthems that both Carlisle and Warren are known for – and she’s got a grit to her voice on this one. It’s my favorite song on the EP.

Another love anthem, “Deeper into You,” also showcases Carlisle’s incredible vocals, while “I Couldn’t Do That to Me” is one of those ballads reminiscent of the ones that helped make Carlisle a household name. 

The EP closes out with “Sanity,” which, lyrically, is incredibly catchy and an excellent bookend to “Big Big Love.” 

As a whole, Kismet is an incredibly enjoyable audio experience. You can purchase Kismet here.

Hopefully, there’s more to come, so…

Stay Tuned!