GMMTV has finally released the official trailer for their long-awaited supernatural BL drama Be My Favorite. Written by JittiRain, the series stars Krist Perawat and one of my all-time favorite humans Fluke Gawin. 

Botkawi (Perawat) has been in love with Praemai(Aye Sarunchana, A Tale of Thousand Stars) for longer than forever but has never dared to do anything about it. Then, a musical crystal ball, which he ends up giving to his beloved, gives him a chance to change everything, as the crystal ball allows him to travel through time.

However, when he uses it, everything is turned upside down, and his entire world changes. Instead of fulfilling his hopes and confessing his desires for Praemai, Botkawi somehow ends up in the arms of Pisaeng (Gawin) – which he never expected. But every turn of the crystal ball causes something to change, and not all of it is for the better. 

Originally Gawin’s role was to be played by one of my other favorite GMMTV actors Mike Chinnarat. It is unknown why the actors were switched, but I am very excited to see Gawin spread his wings and finally become a leading man. He deserves it. 

Be My Favorite will premiere on 26 May 2023 and will air Fridays on the GMMTV Official YouTube, taking over the spot of A Boss and a Babe