Tanwarin Sukkhapisitis one of my favorite Thai directors. So, when it was announced that she’d be directing the GMMTV Romantic Suspense series The Eclipse, starring First, Khaotung, Louis, and Neo – some of my favorite GMMTV actors, to say I was excited was an understatement – and I wasn’t disappointed! 

Now, the characters are back for a two-episode arc of the anthology series Our Skyy 2, and Tanwarin returned as director. 

I wasn’t disappointed.

Aye (Khaotung) and Akk (First), though in love, are genuine (and flawed) characters who are still grappling with the traumas they met in the series. Life, though better, isn’t rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers, and it’s real. They have a lot going on, especially when it comes to insecurities about not feeling worthy enough to be loved. 

Khan and Thua’s (Neo and Louis) storyline was sweet, and it’s a good time to mention that Neo was shirtless a lot. Like a lot, so… thank you, Tanwarin.

Wat (AJ Chayapol) followed his dream as a filmmaker and Brought everyone together, including Teacher Sani (Ployphach Phatchatorn). 

There were some very clever moments, including some hysterical (and sweet) movie references, including Superhero films, period dramas, and even Brokeback Mountain. All in all, it was a really well-done episode. 

Next Week is Vice Versa, so… 

Stay Tuned!