When it comes to the Thai production company Me Mind Y, I have some thoughts due to my previous dealings with their customer service department. However, when it comes to the 2022 BL drama Love in the Air, I must confess I was pleasantly surprised by the series, and when the boxset became available, I immediately placed a pre-order through my friends at eThaiCD!

One thing I like about Me Mind Y is that their releases come with a digital copy of the series in the form of a USB drive. When Don’t Say No was released last year, several fans were disappointed that the drive was defective, and several of the episodes did not play or played without sound. After much back and forth with the production company, Thai was able to get fixed copies of the video, but without subtitles. Luckily there were enough versions of the series available we were able to find them. At least I was. So naturally, when Love in the Air was released, the first thing I did was check the files. I am happy to report that (at least with my copy) there were no issues. The files played without a hitch. There are also digital photos and tons of behind-the-scenes content to watch.

Sky (Peat) and Prapai (Fort)

The box, which comes with a raised image of the series’ central couple BossNoeul and FortPeat, gives it a very cool 3D look that goes well with the contrast of the two skies in the background. Within it is a plethora of extras, including a set of four posters of the main cast that are sturdy with good-quality printing. There are several photo cards attached that are also nice, including a lenticular card of Boss. A photo book included with the set has some great shots of the cast with an intentionally missing back binding that makes it easier to remove the many posters that are included – a special protective case is included, to make sure that the pages are protected.

Noeul (Rain) and Boss (Payu)

Honestly, though, wether intentional or by accident, a missing binding isn’t THAT big of a deal and honestly, I’m pretty happy with this set.

If you’d like to own your very own copy of Love in the Air you can order it here.

More BL Product reviews soon so…

Stay Tuned!