To celebrate my birthday, I am giving you my favorite performance of my favorite Snow Man, Ren Meguro!

Born on Meguro (目黒 蓮) was born on 17 January He is an ox (Eastern Zodiac) and, from every interview I’ve ever read is incredibly sweet and romantic. I mean, just look at those eyes…

Not only is he a great vocalist / musical entertainer, he’s an incredible actor. So, to celebrate, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite performances of my favorite red-hot snow man!

5 – Kiyoka Kudo

In his latest film, “My Happy Marriage,” based on the timeless fairytale Cinderella, Ren is basically Prince Charming with superpowers.

What’s not to love? 

4 – Takizawa Kabuki ZERO 2020: The Movie

Ren and the rest of the Snow Men play several different characters in this theatrical release of the beautiful Takizawa Kabuki stage productions, including a crazed feudal-era murder. 

3 Matsuno Choromatsu

Mr. Osomatsu is one of the strangest film experiences of my life. It’s such a bizarre and surreal film that, honestly, I didn’t understand much of it (which could be due to my consumption of a completely legal edible). Still, it was delightful and fun to see Ren be completely wacky. 

2 So Sakura

Silent was one of the best series of 2022. Meugro starred as So, a popular student who, shortly after graduating high school, discovered that he was going def. Afraid of becoming a burden to the ones he loves, he distances himself, including cutting ties with his girlfriend, Tsumugi (Kawaguchi Haruna). It’s a gorgeous piece of television. 

1 Kousuke Ida

The role of the lovable athlete Ida in the Saturday morning romantic dramedy series Keita Hatsukoi (English: My Love Mix-Up) will forever have a special place in my heart. It was the series that introduced me to not only Ren and Snow Man but also Shunsuke Michieda (道枝駿佑), the idol group he is a part of, Naniwa Danshi (なにわ男子) and Johnny & Associates as a whole.

So there you have it, my top five favorites. There are more, so much more as I legitimately have not sen Meguro in anything that I’ve disliked, but…I don’t think you want to read a 40 page blog post. So anyway, happy birthday to me!

More Ren soon so….

Stay Tuned!