Catherine de’ Medici is one of history’s most infamous figures. Depending on which side of history you stand on, she was either a woman of resilience or a cunning and conniving creature of darkness who sacrificed everyone (including her children) on her way to the top.

Samantha Morton as Catherine de’ Medici

Samantha Morton stars as Catherine, and her portrayal is nothing short of extraordinary, as is the performance by Liv Hill as the younger Catherine. The entire series treats Catherine with the integrity and respect she deserves but does so without choosing a side. 

Yes, it shows her scraping and clawing up the ranks and the ruthlessness of her clever mind and unbreakable will. 

Sennia Nanua’s Rahima is just as enthralling. Plucked from obscurity to be Catherine’s new handmaiden, she finds herself at the center of the chess game between Catherine and Mary Queen of Scots, played by Antonia Clarke. 

Based on the 2003 novel Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France by Leonie Frieda, The Serpent Queen is a historical drama that rivals such productions as The Tudors and The White Queen. The entire 8-episode series can be streamed on the Starz app or purchased on iTunes. 

On 27 October 2022, The Serpent Queen was renewed for a second season. So more from the life of Catherine de’ Medici soon…

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