The world of the Japanese BL drama is getting more intricate, growing more and more vast with beautiful writing and second-to-none production values. Jack o Frost is one such series. 

The love story of illustrator Ritsu (Honda Kyoya, Seishun Cinderella) and salesman Fumiya (Suzuki Kosuke, Takara-kun to Amagi-kun) began by chance in a coffee shop. Despite their happiness, a misunderstanding causes an irreconcilable rift between them, culminating in an argument on Ritu’s birthday, and they break up. Leaving their apartment to clear his head, Ritsu is involved in a head-on collision that causes him to lose his memories of Fumiya and their last few years together. 

While amnesia has been a common theme for 2023, there’s something incredibly beautiful about this series. Suzuki Kosuke was brilliantly cast as Fumiya. Love-sick, he’s broken by the intensity of his feelings for Ritsu. There is an innocence to Honda Kyoya’s sensuality. As steamy as the series was (no matter how brief), the reconciliation of love was the driving force behind the story.
The series is incredibly short at only six 30-minute episodes, but its bite-sized length means there’s no fluff. Each episode is important, so – miss a little, miss a lot.
Viewable on both Viki and GagaOOLala, the series is bound to become one of those comfort series. Highly recommended.

More BL dramas soon so…

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