I am so glad when a series defies my expectations. When I started A Shoulder to Cry On, one of the newest South Korean BL dramas to stream on the Viki app, I wasn’t sure how I felt.

At school, Lee Da Yeol (Kim Jae Han) is not popular, which doesn’t bother him because not having any friends allows him to focus on his one source of joy. Archery. His skills are what earned him a scholarship to the prestigious school. However, an ill-timed run-in with a devilishly handsome class president, Jo Tae Hyun (Shin Ye Chan), lands him some pretty hot water that threatens his scholarship.

From left: Lee Da Yeol (Kim Jae Han) looking annoyed, per usual, at Jo Tae Hyun (Shin Ye Chan)

My first impression of Tae Hyun was that he was a total trash heap of a person. An absolute tool whom I would not have blamed Da Yeol for socking in the jaw. He was gross, or at least I thought he was. But as the series continued, and you started to see deeper into the truth of who Tae Hyun is and how damaged he is as a person, he began to grow on me.

Then, in episode 4 things got very very dark. Tay Hyun is a clearly broken individual. I hope Da Yeol is able to take his broken heart and turn it into something beautiful. IT’s an interesting story. Heartbreaking at times, but lovely.

Both Kim and Shin are members of the Korean idol group OMEGA X, which in 2022 filed a lawsuit against their company to cancel the exclusive contracts and to file for the trademark of their group name after videos of the company’s CEO came to light. In January 2023, OMEGA X won the lawsuit and officially ended their contract with Spire Entertainment.

More A Shoulder to Cry on soon so…

Stay Tuned.