The Lucky 7 of Naniwa Danshi are one of Japan’s cutest and most colorful idol groups. Debuting in 2021, their music is confectionary of cotton candy and bubble gum pop. It’s impossible to listen to them and not smile. While it’s true, I do have a bias for the group as they were my introduction to the wonder of the legendary Johnny & Associates, but beyond that, they are truly fabulous. Here are five music videos that stick out as my personal favorites.

One of the B-sides to the group’s debut single 初心LOVE, NANIWA’n WAY, is incredibly bright and catchy. One of my favorite parts of the video is Jochiro’s rap, but the entire thing is just wildly colorful and cute.

04 – Special Kiss
The theme song to the romantic comedy “And Yet, You Are So Sweet” staring Kyohei Takahashi Special Kiss is an upbeat anthem that celebrates the beauty of youth and love, it’s catchy and cute and accentuates the cotton-candy-sweet personalities of each one of the guys.

03 – The Answer
The theme song to the series The Files of Young Kindaichi starring Naniwa Danshi member Michieda Shunsuke, it’s quite a dramatic but very catchy song.

02 – 青春ラプソディ (English: Youth Rhapsody)
Beaming with the sweet sounds of youth, the commercial theme song to the national television campaign for Benesse “Shinken Zemi;” a home study program for elementary and junior high school students to help them excel in the classroom!

01 – 初心LOVE (English: Beginner’s LOVE)
As the song that introduced me to the group, and in turn, Johnny & Associates, this one will always have a special place in my heart. Sentiment aside, this song is the perfect embodiment of the purpose of pop music: the catchy beat, the sugar-sweet lyrics, and the group’s harmonies all contribute to the magic of what made this the perfect debut song for these colorful cuties.