This is one of the most Bizarre series I have ever seen from GMMTV. Every episode is like walking deeper into the catacombs of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Easily GMMTV’s bloodiest series, it’s incredibly gory and, at times, really gross (like when Bright eats several months), or when On Nophand got his face eaten by the creepier half of the High Priestess in episode 5.

Still, there’s emptying about it, though, that won’t let me turn away. It’s so good!

One of the things that draws me to this series is seeing some of my favorite GMMTV actors in a way I’ve never seen them before. Bright and Nanon are complete and total psychopaths, and Mike is an absolute trash-person. The thing about this series that I have realized is that if they’re guest stars, they’re probably going to be evil. 

There’s also the mystery of who (and what) Gun’s character of Dome actually is. As an actor, I love Gun, but this is the first series since The Gifted where he’s really in his element. Not that he was terrible in any of his other series (Not Me was fantastic), but maybe it’s because I discovered him in a supernatural series (The Gifted) that I love him with powers. Tor Thanapob is just as equally delicious as the museum’s mysterious (and dangerously dreamy) owner, Khatha – and there are some heavy BL undertones to this series, but it’s not listed as a BL, so maybe… GMMTV Bromance? 

I am not sure. 

I’ve already mentioned Nanon, Bright, and Mike as some of my favorite guest stars, but Tu Tontawan (F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers) and Fah Yongwaree (The Warp Effect), who played step-daughter/step-mother where brilliant. The Jutamas twins, AJ and JJ, were incredibly creepy, and of course, my absolute favorite GMMTV guy, Tay Tawan, can do no wrong in my eyes (even when he’s the villain).

All in all, there have been multiple “WTF am I watching?!?” moments with this series, but every single one of them has only added to the allure of the Midnight Museum. BL or not, it’s so worth watching. 

More Midnight Museum soon, so… 

Stay Tuned.