Last Year the South Korean BL drama Semantic Error took the world by storm. Well-written, incredibly acted, and beautifully produced, it was one of those rare series that not only checked every box but did it with a bright neon-pink glitter pen that won the hearts of fans and critics alike. It’s become so popular that it’s one of the few K-BL dramas to get a Blu-ray release. 

Made-to-order, there were two versions of the series released:

The CABINET Version: A four-disc that includes the entire 8-episode series on disc one, the theatrical film on disc two. Disc three consists of the script reading (32 minutes) and commentary on episode one. Disc four includes additional episode commentaries and behind-the-scenes. 

In addition to the discs, the set includes some pretty enticing extras like photo cards, stickers, and access to additional digital content like wallpapers, frames, and stickers. 

The KNOCK Version: A two-disc set that includes the entire 8-episode series on disc one, while disc two contains the theatrical film version. The set also comes with a QR code card that gives digital access to some of the additional content included in the CABINET version.

I chose the KNOCK version; with its simple, sleek, and durable design, it was a rare minimalist choice for me. I usually am all about the extras and while the other goodies would have been lovely; let’s face it, I’m running out of storage. I have no regrets. Absolutely no regrets (until I pay triple the cost in two years after finding the CABINET version on eBay).

Since the run was made-to-order, I’m sure the second-hand pricing will be truly outrageous (and not in the glamor, glitter, fashion, and fame way), so good luck.

More BL Merch soon, so…

Stay Tuned!