Domoto, you are giving off confectionary perfection. A delicious treat to warm our cold dead hearts. Shantay, you stay…

On Sunday, Johnny & Associates teased fans with the first official image of KinKiKids Koichi Domoto as the iconic Willy Wonka in the upcoming Japan premiere of the hit musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”


Photographed by Leslie Kee, Domoto was nothing short of FIERCE!


As one-half of the popular J-pop idol duo KinKi Kids, Domoto is not a stranger to wowing the crowds, but taking on the iconic role of the wonderfully weird Willy Wonka is something entirely new for the performer. 

“I haven’t acted in a musical since 2018’s Knights’ Tale, so when it was decided that I would play Willy Wonka in the Japanese version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Domoto says in an official statement. “I knew there would be a lot of aspects that would be new to me, and I was nervous. Wonka is such an iconic character, and I knew I had to create something incredibly unique for this role if I was going to stand out. Luckily, we have an amazingly talented crew, and everyone has worked tirelessly to create an atmosphere of pure imagination. It’s a great honor for me to put on that purple hat.”

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” opens this October at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo; Koichi Domoto, one-half of the popular J-pop idol duo KinKi Kids, will star as the wonderfully weird Willy Wonka. Additional shows will follow the Tokyo opening, including Fukuoka and Osaka in Jan/Feb 2024.

While it’s time for me to sashay away, More Domoto soon, so… 

Stay Tuned!