Ever since their debut in 2020, SixTONES have refused to be shackled by the typical definition of what it means to be a “boy” band. Are they gorgeous? Yes. Can they dance? Yes. Can they sing? HELL Yes – and while it’s true they have all the trappings of what makes a perfect cookie-cutter idol, there’s something else. They’ve got this spark about them. That extra magic ingredient gives them an edge over most of their contemporaries. With the release of their newest single, “ABARERO,” the group is exploding on the international stage. As a fan, it gives me great pleasure to give you a proper introduction to a group who are about to take the crown of J pop and give it a rock-n-roll shine.

2023 promo shot for ABARERO

As a group, SixTONES was formed under the legendary Johnny & Associates after the six young men found themselves working together in stage productions and other activities when they were still juniors, including the 2012 television drama “Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou.” After the series, the guys formed an unofficial unit called Bakaleya6 (named after the series). 

SixTONES was announced at Johnny’s Ginza in 2015 as an official junior unit. Four years later, on 8 August 2019, the group made Johnny’s history when they became the first group to have a dual debut announcement alongside Snow Man. 

For clarification the “ix” is silent. The Six represents the number of members (6), while “STONES” is representative of the group being a “diamond in the rough” –  they’re always polishing their skills, never too “bright” for their britches.

Let’s meet the guys.

Born on 11 June, Jesse is a true Gemini. When he’s on stage, his elastic voice and charismatic attitude scream Rock God, but when you watch him interviewed or see him in any of the SixTONES behind-the-scenes videos, there’s not an ounce of arrogance to the man. 

Born on 3 December, Taiga’s father is an actor & musician, while his mother was a member of the idol group Kyan Kya, so entertainment is literally in his blood. One of the few to be signed to Johnny & Associates without an audition. (Fun fact: As their mothers were a part of the same idol group, he is close friends with Snow Man’s Sakuma Daisuke).  

Another Gemini born on 18 June, Hokuto auditioned for Johnny & Associates because he was a fan of the group NEWS. In addition to SixTONES, Matsumura has also been a part of the Johnnys’ junior units B.I.Shadow and NYC Boys. Like Kyomoto, he’s also a karate lover and is a black belt. 

Born on 8 March, Kochi is the eldest member of SixTones, and arguably the group’s most fashion-conscious member. He loves to keep up with current trends. He’s also the group’s most humble member and is the first to tell you that when he started, dancing was not his strongest suit. He was a part of B.I.Shadow and NYC Boys with Matsumura. 

Born on 15 July, he is the group’s youngest member and another who joined Johnny & Associates without having to audition. He was initially a part of the jr. unit Tap Kids with his older brother, Ryutaro, who is also a former member of the popular idol group Hey! Say! JUMP. He got his first starring role at the age of twelve in “Snow Prince – Forbidden Love Melody.”

Born on 1 May, Tanaka is the group’s rapper. Unbeknownst to him, His mother sent his resume to Johnny & Associates. After his audition, he was invited to a live performance of Hey! Say! JUMP, and for a time, was a part of the group Hip Hop JUMP.

With 9 singles and 3 albums under their belt already, SixTONES is one of the hardest-working groups in the industry. Here’s a highlight of some of my favorite tracks

There will be more SixTONES soon so…

Stay Tuned!