Let’s be honest; Gemini and Fourth are two of the brightest starts to come out of GMMTV in years. Their youthful energy, heart-stopping smiles, and undeniable talent have made them incredibly popular with fans all over the world. 

Hot off the heels of two incredibly successful series, My School President and Moonlight Chicken, the pair have released their first stand-alone single. “You’re Blushing?” Written by 3rd Tilly birds (the mastermind behind some of My School President‘s most popular tracks), this absolutely adorable music video will warm your heart and make you smile.

My School President will broadcast a live stage show later this month and the boys will return to their characters of Tinn and Gun in the GMMTV Anthology series Our Skyy 2 so… There will for sure be more Gemini and Fourth soon so…

Stay Tuned!