Starting hot and heavy on the sweat and sex, The End of the World with You has done a complete 180. Gone is the gratuitous nudity (and completely realistic depiction of sex between two men). In its place? A love story to rival all love stories. Interesting and original, this series keeps you on your toes, and it just keeps getting better. 

This episode gave us a glimpse into Ritsu’s past. A love child, he excelled at everything, and while his father was financially supportive, he does not appear to have been involved in his life otherwise. It’s also revealed that he regarded Matsumi not only as the one that got away but as the true one of his life. Hurting him has been his biggest regret. So, it was really annoying when he decided to take the suicide pill, which would leave an injured Matsumi alone with the children. Luckily Matsumi, coming out of the shadows like a linebacker on steroids, tackles Ritsu to the ground, forcing him to spit out the poison just in time. Stuck in a moment of mental weakness, Ritsu is grateful for the save, which he confesses to Matsumi the following day. Matsumi says he’ll look past it so long as he doesn’t try to leave him again. Ritsu promises. 

While enjoying a breather at a nearby lake, Rtisu finally confesses to Matsumi that he loves him, and Matsumi does the same. Yuma and Meguru walk up on the two, sharing a kiss. They decide to give them their privacy and not let them know what they’ve seen. 

The episode ends with them finally making it to Meguru’s home, where their parents automatically think they are Madoka. 

There’s only one more episode left of this incredible series, and it will be hard to say goodbye. 

More The End of the World with You soon so…

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