With their fourth single, “Special Kiss,” Naniwa Danshi has taken one small step towards a more mature sound – and it gave them half a million in sales in the first week while simultaneously debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard JAPAN Top Singles Sales charts!

“Special Kiss”
I just love how cute and catchy this song is. A celebration of young love, my favorite part of the song is still Kyohei Takahashi’s opening. I love the sound of his voice.

“青春ラプソディ” (Eng: “Youth Rhapsody”)
This HIGH NRG power-pop BOP is the perfect anthem for the young (and young at heart). This song just shimmers with color and happiness.

“春空” (Eng: “Spring Sky”)

Keeping the energy high and colorful, this is one of those songs you can easily lose yourself in. The perfect car tune to cruise, too, with the volume up and the windows down.

“新しい恋、はじめよう” (Eng “New Love, Let’s Begin”)
Where “Spring Sky” is the cruising song, “New Love” is the song you chill to on the beach, watching the stars and stillness of the night.

“Dancing in the Rain”
With its early Y2K synth beats, this track gives off some serious //\//sync vibes. A step towards a more mature sound than I’m used to from the colorful cuties of Naniwa Danshi. I’m not mad about it. In fact, I really love this song.

“Viva Viva Carnival!
Extremely Hi energy, this is one of those typical Naniwa Danshi tracks that is guaranteed to get you up and moving!

You can purchase all three versions of “Special Kiss” wherever Japanese CDs are sold. 

More Naniwa Danshi soon so…

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