When F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers premiered in late 2021, the GMMTV drama became an instant success. Not only did it star two of the company’s most successful actors, Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin, but it was based on one of the most successful Japanese mangas of all-time Boys Over Flowers.

The music of F4 Thailand was another reason for the series’ success.

The series theme “Who Am I” set the tone, and it they just got better from there.

“Shooting Star” my favorite of the group songs, is just incredibly catchy.

Before the release of the series’ official boxset, GMMTV announced a special-edition collection for the soundtrack, which was to include not only the series 8 original songs (on a USB) but a ton of collectible extras as well a phonebook, collectible cards, and a karaoke DVD.

Most everything about the special boxset is high quality and actually pretty sweet. My one irritation is that the songs on the USB drive are mp3 – which the compression of which, as an audiophile, brings tears to my eyes. Still, they are enjoyable- all in all, a good purchase.

The box set is currently available through eThai CD.

More GMMTV soon so…

Stay Tuned!