Last night Viki the 15th episode, and first season finale, of the Chinese BL Advance Bravely. While I am very excited about the series finally being (legally) available for visual consumption, that’s not to say Viki cut isn’t without its flaws. Most notably, of course, is the fact that the series has kept a lot of the cuts made due to the Chinese censorship of anything homosexual, though it’s also restored a few (like Zong pulling the snacks from his jacket.

Also, the ending theme has changed, which is just weird. The original ending theme was fire.

While I am sad that only a cut version of series is available, I am still extremely happy that it’s available. Though the cuts do make the series a bit strange, it really is wonderful. So I am happy that it’s available.

More Advance Bravely soon…

Stay Tuned!