This musical comedy from TvN just keeps getting better and better. With every episode, the relationship between Kim Dal and woo Woo Yeon Woo while at the same time diving deeper into the mythos of Redrin, her world, and the power of the characters inhabiting it. It does this all while making us groove to some of the best K-Pop sounds in the industry. Honestly, I can’t get enough. 

Series stars Kim Min-kyu (Woo Yeon Woo) and Ko Bo-Gyeol (Kim Dal) have incredible chemistry and betray their characters so beautifully that it’s impossible not to fall in love with their love story. Ye Ji Won as CEO Lim, the manager of Wild Animals (the group Woo Yeon Woo belongs to), is comedic gold. At the same time, Lee Jang Woo is deliciously twisted as The Evil One. the supporting cast includes one of my favorite Korean actors, Choi Jae Hyun (Peach of Time), and the rest of Wild Animals are just astounding. 

Adapted from the web novel “Holy Idol” (성스러운 아이돌) by Sin Hwa Jin (신화진), this fantasy drama set in the world of K-pop idols was developed by Studio Dragon. Screenwriter Lee Chun Geum is a fabulous storyteller, while directors Lee So-yoon and Park So-yeon clearly know their way around the material. 

While I’ve yet to see a Korean drama that didn’t have a truly outrageous soundtrack, “The Heavenly Idol” has taken the music game up a notch. Each one of the OST songs for the series released so far has been fantastic, and the score only adds to the magic of this majestic series. 

Released through Korean record label Bugs, the OST can be purchased on iTunes and steamed on most platforms.

More The Heavenly Idol soon so…

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