An aggressive and rock-driven track about the meaning of life, “W,” (pronounced “double”) the second half of Snow Man’s highly-anticipated double A-side 8th single, plays off the duality of choice. 

Flashing between a colorful and innocent aesthetic and something darker and a bit more dangerous, the song takes the group’s nine members down a more mature-sounding musical path.

Seasoning the sound with that sexy Snow Man spice adds a sweat-inducing spark to the video’s visuals, including Meguro Ren in a leather jacket and Sakuma Daisuke without an undershirt, which allows him to show off every single one of his beautifully toned abs. 

Featured as the theme to the hit TV thriller “Dai Byoin Senkyo” (Eng: Hospital Under Siege) starring senior Johnny’s talent Sho Sakurai of ARASHI, the “W” is filled with lyrics about fighting for oneself and pushing through the darkness for the people you love. 

While the candy-colored sights and sounds of songs like “HELLO HELLO” and “Orange kiss” will always hold a special place in my heart, I must say I love watching the group as they evolve from boys to men. I cannot wait to see where they go from here.