If you’ve been following my posts over the past few weeks, you’d see references to the second season of My Beautiful Man. This series took me by surprise. I watched the first episode shortly after the first season premiered and wrote it off as another Bullying BL, which I’m not into. At all. 

I was done with it.

Then a friend recommended that I give it a second chance. She made sure I understand that the bullying, while integral to the story wasn’t all I would see. I’m thrilled she did (thanks, MGLT)!

The series centers around Hira (Hagiwara Riku), an awkward (and probably autistic) boy who has a crush on the most beautiful man in the class, Kiyoi (Yagi Yusei). Hira can’t believe it when they become friends and soon finds himself as the doting slave of his beautiful Kiyoi. But, slowly, Kiyoi realizes he has genuine feelings for Hira, and after many years of overcoming obstacles, the two become a thing. It was a beautifully done series that I didn’t think warned a second season. Mostly because Second seasons are usually terrible. My Beautiful Man 2, however, was anything but. It was perfect. 

Hira and Kiyoi the sun and moon of each other’s worlds.

Everything about this series was beautifully executed. Even though Hira and Kiyoi were together, there were still many cracks that needed fixing in their relationship, and most of them were because the two kept getting in their own way. Hira didn’t think he was worthy of his beautiful man, that, as a lowly pebble, he could only adore the sun god from afar. To Kiyoi, Hire was his sun. He just didn’t quite know how to tell him that. 

Even now, with the end of the second season, the couple isn’t at happily ever after yet. They’re on the path, so I am excited to see where the film takes them. 

More My Beautiful Man in April, so… 

Stay Tuned!