The episodes opens with Hira waking up to find Kiyoi sleeping on his living room floor. The two are like magnets and are always finding their way back to one another. Hira is, of course, apologetic, he just doesn’t know how to act about Kiyoi as he still doesn’t think he deserves him. Kiyoi is learning to be softer with him though. The two meet up with their old classmate at one of their weddings. A lot of their season one friends return for cameos, and it’s nice to see everyone together. While at work, Kiyoi tells Anna about his boyfriend. It was the first time I could remember hearing him say those words to someone else, it was an incredibly sweet moment.

The series ends with he boys not perfect, but on their way to happy ever after, which is great because the film releases on 7 April.

So, More My Beautiful Man soon!

Stay Tuned!