With KINNPORSCHE THE SERIES WORLD TOUR 2022 WTF (What The Fun) taking it’s finally bow on on Sunday 26 February at IMPACT Arena in Bangkok, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on how stunning the music is in this series.

Lets begin now.

01. “Free Fall” – Slot Machine.

Written by the band, the Thai version of the song is the opener while an English language of the track closes it out each episode. What’s more than that though is that there was an action version, a suspenseful version, an emotional version, and so on and so forth. The entire score is just different versions of Free Fall and its fantastic.

02. “Why Don’t You Stay”- Jeff Satur

If I’m being honest, there’s nothing Jeff Satur, who plays Kim / WIK, couldn’t do in my eyes. This kid has one of the smoothest, most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard.

03. “เพลงนี้ชื่อว่าเธอ” (eng: “This Song is Called You”) by BARCODE.

Barcode, who plays “Chay” Porchay, the younger (and extremely innocent) younger brother of Porsche, became a fan favorite. “This Song is Called You” is the song Chay wrote to convey his love for Satur’s character Kim, who ended up being the youngest brother of KINN.

04. “ย้อนแย้ง” (eng: Contradict) – Aek (Season Five)

Technically, this song would be considered the series’ “Love Theme.” It’s one of those sweet and emotional tracks that fit perfectly in the moment it was placed.

05. “Why Don’t You Stay” (World Tour Version)

This English version of the song was recorded specifically for the WTF Tour and the series soundtrack, which is available now wherever Thai CDs are sold.

Satur also announced, that as he took his final bow as Kim, he was also taking his final bow as an artist under Be On Cloud, the production company behind KinnPorsche: The Series. He is leaving the company for his own Studio on Saturn while he works with Warner Bros. Music. However, he did promise that he will appear with Barcode in the upcoming Wuju Bakery.

While #TheEndofKinnPorsche is currently trending, there will be more form these artist, and the other actors in the series as well. Series stars Mile (Kinn) and Apo (Porsche) will star in the historical drama film Man Suang which is being produced by Be On Cloud. The film reunite the stars with Bas, who played Bodyguard, Arm and Tong Thanayut, who played Kinn’s eccentric older brother Tankhun. Needless to say, there will be more so..

Stay Tuned!