On 24 February, fans of the hit GMMTV series My School President said goodbye to TinnGun, ThiewProm, SoundWin, and a plethora of incredibly memorable characters who, over the last twelve weeks, have made us laugh, cry, and even shout out at our television screens. In my humble opinion, this series was the best of everything GMMTV has ever produced. From the chemistry of the leads to the catchiness of the series soundtrack, it’s easy to see how My School President became the talk of the industry, setting up Gemini and Fourth to take the crown as the heirs to the throne of the BL industry. 

The Story: 

School president Tinn (Gemini Norawit)has a secret crush on Gun ( Fourth Nattawat), the head of the music club and lead singer of ChinZhilla. As the son of the principal (Tao Sarocha), Tinn is instructed to disband any clubs that don’t boost the school’s reputation, and the music club is first on that chopping block. Knowing this makes Tinn Gun’s number one enemy. Desperate to save his club, Gun will do anything, even if that means becoming Tinn’s doting servant. Tin does everything he can to help the music club, most of which is in secret. Then, Tinn discovers ChinZhilla has a rule:  Band members cannot date until after they participate in the Hot Wave Music Contest. So, Tinn vows to do whatever it takes to help them win.

It is not the most original of stories, and enemies to lovers is a common trope in many BL dramas, but even so, this series still has something special. 

The Acting: 

The joy of this series is  primarily thanks to the director and the chemistry of the actors. When I interviewed Gemini and Fourth, I discovered that part of this chemistry comes from the fact that a massive part of the cast had been friends for the better part of four years. That chemistry has transcended, following to Moonlight Chicken which they star in alongside GMMTV powership EarthMix. 

The Music: 

Simply put, this series has one of the most incredible soundtracks of any series I’ve ever heard. From the series opening theme ไหล่เธอ  (You’ve Got Ma Back) to its final performance “แค่ครั้งเดียว (Once Upon a Time)  there’s not a single skippable song.  My hope is that GMMTV will release an official (CD version) of the soundtrack so that the songs are not truncated by Mp3 conversion like with the special releases of 2gether and F4: Boys Over Flowers.

The series has become so popular that when the company announced the pre-order of the series boxset (and other related merchandise) the demand caused the site to crash.  You can pre-order My School President wherever Thai entertainment products are sold. The series will be available for shipping late May.

While My School President may have come to an end, the story of TinnGun has not. The ship will make an appearance in the GMMTV anthology series Our Skyy 2 which will air later this year. So..

Stay Tuned!