This is such a strange and surreal series. It’s also absolutely beautiful.

This episode brought a new face that turned our atypical trio into a very queer (in more ways than one) quartet. Idegami Baku joins the cast as the cross-dressing Kagami Meguru, the younger sibling of Yuma’s idol. She joins the family after they save her from being attacked by someone she is hitchhiking with. It’s only discovered that she’s actually a boy when Masumi accidentally walks in on her, standing at the urinal. Ritsu walks up to them moments later, and Kagami tells him the truth. The three of them decide not to tell Yuma.

Idegami Baku. makes their first appearance as Kagami

Masum, Ritsu, and Yuma then decide to help her get home before they continue on their own journey. On the way, they realize they’re running out of water and encounter a man who offers them an entire case of water Kagami gives him a hand job. While Kagami is okay with the action, the others are not, especially Yuma, who screams obscenities at the man.

Then lightning strikes, and while his shop burns, the family can escape. Furthermore, a sudden rainstorm ends the water crisis, but it causes Masumi to seriously question if everything wasn’t caused by Yuma if he’s some kind of Miracle boy.

Masumi questions if Yuma is indeed a miracle boy.

Each episode of this series is a further step into the Bizarre and unusual and I am here for it!

There are three episodes left so, more The End of the World with You soon so…

Stay Tuned!