That’s right, boys and girls, the Chinese BL is officially coming to Viki!
The Chinese BL drama starring Gong Jun and Jason Xu has been a hot top of discussion ever since its release in 2019. Originally airing on Tencent Video, the 30-episode series became heavily censored when the Chinese government decided to take a step backward and censor anything related to homosexuality.

The censor forced the production company to make major edits leaving half of their original length. This caused major confusion for fans (especially in the West) who had no idea what was happening by the time they reached episode 30, which served as the series finale. The edits were so drastic that the final few minutes of the series that did make it to air were animated, and one of the strangest things I have ever seen

Still, the series is one of my favorites.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Chai Ji Dan the series follows Xia Yao (Gong Jun), a fighter who has known nothing but wealth and privilege his entire life. Growing up with all the freedom that his social position afforded, Xia Yao built quite a reputation for himself, though not one that brought his family much honor. A notorious playboy, Xia Yao might have spent his entire life as such, if he hadn’t experienced an unexpected change of heart. 

Determined to make a fresh start, Xia Yao makes every effort to change his ways, but even that can’t hide his many charms. Inadvertently capturing the fancy of Yuan Ru (Li Qiao Dan), Xia Yao soon finds himself the object of her affection. Desperate to win Xia Yao’s heart, Yuan Ru enlists the help of her brother, Yuan Zong (Jason Xu), a former special forces soldier who now runs his own bodyguard training company. Convinced that with her brother’s help, Yuan Ru can win Xia Yao’s heart, the determined young lady does her best. Unfortunately for her, Yuan Ru isn’t the one destined to break down the walls around Xia Yao’s heart.

Brought together by Yuan Ru’s enthusiasm, Xia Yao and Yuan Zong find themselves growing closer over time. With eyes only for Xia Yao, what will Yuan Ru do when she realizes the man she holds in her heart has fallen for her brother instead?

Gong Jun and Jason Xu

The first two episodes will stream on Tuesday! This is not a drill! Advance Bravely and enjoy!

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