GMMTV really hit a home run with this series. For the last twelve weeks I have cheered and cried, laughed and yelled at the antics of TinnGun and the rest of the amazing characters from My School President. I wasn’t ready for it to end.

But, like all good things, eventually, it had too.

The episode was a sweet, but albeit long wrap the finally brought Tinn and Gun’s lips together. Multiple times. Tinn’s mother showed her true (and rainbow-loving) colors and the everything is finally out in the open. The series did touch on some blatant homophobia from an authoritarian figure that was very beautifully handled both by a friend and a parent.

It was an innocent series with a happy ending and I am excited to see where Our Skyy 2 takes the characters.


More GMMTV soon so…

Stay Tuned!