“Seishun Rhapsody” (Eng: “Youth Rhapsody”) is the high NRG power-pop anthem I’ve been waiting for from the red-hot JPOP boy band Naniwa Danshi! 

The B-side track to their 4th single Special Kiss, it is also the commercial theme song to the national television campaign for Benesse “Shinken Zemi;” a home study program for elementary and junior high school students to help them excel in the classroom! The boys of Naniwa Danshi have also been appointed as PR ambassadors to support Shinkenzemi in a variety of media and offline events, and the energetic and upbeat message of Seishun Rapsody make it the perfect song for the project! 

A symphony of cuteness and fun that fans have come to expect from these Naniwa lucky boys, “Youth Rhapsody’ ‘is the perfect song to welcome the colors of spring. 

The physical CD release of Special Kiss will be available on 8 March and can be purchased where Japanese CDs are sold. You can read more about the various versions here.

More Naniwa Danshi soon so…

Stay Tuned!