Jim and Wen: Jim and Wen have a lot they need to work out. In episode three we discovered that Jim opened Moonlight Chicken with his former lover. A lover who he discovered was cheating on him. Wen is dealing with his own drama with Alan (First). They’re to together, but Alan still, for some reason, is trying to control Wen, which includes trying to control his relationship with Jim.

This series is such a departure from the typical EarthMix series. I like that Mix isn’t just some hot-headed bottom. He seems to cool and calm in this series, except when he needs to put Alan in his place.

Heart and Li Ming: As they spend more and more time together, Heart and Li Ming are growing closer and after Heart convinces Li Ming to sneak some of his father’s alcohol with him, the restraint on their inhibitions starts to wain. It’s an innocently sweet moment, but feelings are clearly starting to bloom. Gemini and Fourth have really worked their way into my heart with these roles. Li Ming is such an angry and tortured young man, except when he’s with Heart. Heart seems so be in so much pain, except when he’s with Li Ming. They are two broken puzzle pieces who seem to fit perfectly with one another. It’s beautiful.

I love Earth and Mix, I really do, but Heart and Li Ming (or will it turn out to be Li MingHeart) have something really special.

LiMing and Jim have an incredibly honesty relationship. LiMing has so much anger in side, while Jim, though full of love is obviously hurting. They’re family isn’t perfect, and I love that. I love how well-written this series is.

More Moonlight Chicken soon so…

Stay Tuned!