Ask anyone in the BL community, and they will tell you that My School President was the break-out hit of the year. Not only is the young cast incredibly talented, but the story is well-written and brilliantly executed. As a music-driven series, every song is a pop symphony of sugar-sweet sound that pumps up your endorphins and gets you on your feet. With today’s release of the Sin (feat. Ohm cocktail) cover song ฟัง (Listen), 8 of the series’ 14 tracks are officially available for purchase.

1. ไหล่เธอ (You’ve Got Ma Back) iTunes / Spotify

An original track, it was the theme to 6 episodes of the 12 episode series.

2. อยากร้องดังดัง (Want To Cry Out Loud) iTunes / Spotify

A cover of the song by Palm, this was the moment you discovered how much whipped Tinn was by gun. It was also the moment many fans realized that this series was going to be something truly special.

น้ำลาย (Saliva) iTunes / Spotify

3. A Silly Fools cover, it’s one of those tracks that get’s you up on your feel.

4. ข้างกัน (City) iTunes / Spotify

Originally by Three Man Down, this song is my favorite on the series, specifically because it was the first time you heard the incredible range of Gemini’s voice. Note: The version of the song available for purchase is much more of a duet between Gemini and Fourth. It’s gorgeous.

5. อีกนิด (Come Closer) iTunes / Spotify

Another original, this song is Ford Arun’s solo. This kid is so incredibly talented. In addition to seeing the love-theme to My School President, he’s appeared on several GMMTV soundtracks.

6. ฟัง (Listen) iTunes / Spotify

A cover of a beautiful song from SIN feat.โอม Cocktail this song sealed the deal on this series (at least for me). It went from being on of my favorites of 2022 to one of my favorites period. Also, Lookwa Pijika (who plays Gun’s mother Him) has a beautiful voice

7. เพื่อนเล่นไม่เล่นเพื่อน (Just Being Friendly) iTunes / Spotify

A cover from an incredibly popular Tilly Birds song. This song is just a rush of synth pop sugar energy. Plus we got to see glimpses of the series three couples.

8. ง้อว (Smile Please) iTunes / Spotify

This original song has become the theme for the second half of episodes and features parts from the entire cast including Captain and Pom.

Two of the series songs have been released to YouTube but are as of yet unable to be purchased.

9. ถ้าไม่ใช่ (No One Else Like Me)

An original, this is Satang’s solo song. It’s a sweet mid-tempo ballad that shows off his silky smooth voice.

10. เพลงรัก (Hook) 

This original serves as the series end theme and is Gemini’s solo.More than other song in the series this one gives me total 2gether vibes.

The success of My School President proves that GMMTV still holds the crown to the light-hearted BL.

More My School President soon so…

Stay Tuned!