The end of the world is coming and so is Nishina Masumi.

Seto Toshiki, (Senpai This Can’t Be love) stars as the loveable Masumi a man pushing thirty when it’s announced that a meteor is going to hit the world, destroying all life in 10 days. While everything is going to hell in a handbasket, he goes to find respite at a library. Instead, he bumps into his ex Kusakabe Ritsu (Nakata Keisuke, Cecile Boys) a handsome bisexual whom he fell in love with while still in college. Ritsu was the last person he wanted to see, especially just before the world is about to end.

Masumi (Seto Toshiki) and Ritsu (Nakata Keisuke)

Produced by ABC, this is the steamiest show I’ve ever seen come out of Japan. First, it shows the two engaged in sensual (and extremely sweaty) sex, open condom wrappers, used tissues… it doesn’t shy away from anything and it’s honestly, incredibly refreshing.

While the first two episodes filled in a lot of backstory, I am very excited to see where it goes.

The End of the World With You can be streamed on Viki and GaGaOOLaLa every Monday and will run for 8 episodes.

More The End of the World With You soon so…

Stay Tuned!