I don’t know about you, but for me every episode of this series makes me love it more and more. It’s so well-written, it’s so real, and the way it tackles such serious subjects with just a hint of humor, is genius.

Jedi and Rose: Jedi has HPV, and he had the typical male response, “I thought only women can get that.” Of course, men can too, and they often show little to no symptoms, so it’s easier for them to spread. As of now, it’s unclear if Rose has the disease too, but she’s pretty pissed about it – even though opening their relationship was her idea. Their photo returns to normal.

While Alex is keen on helping his friends, he’s a gynecologist. Jedi is a cisgender male, while Rose is a pre-operative trans woman, so there’s not much he can help either one of them with. 

Nim: Nim is pregnant, which she discovers just after breaking up with Biew. She’s not sure what she wants to do. However, Army, who is biologically her baby’s father, wants her to keep the baby so that he can be involved in its life. However, everyone agrees that, in the end, it will be Nim’s decision. However, things are heating up with her and Mollie. Her photo returns to normal.

Army and Joe: Army Tells Joe he’s going to be a father and that he loves him. He wants them to be together, but Joe is still not ready to come out for everyone. While joking around and being romantic, the two are unknowingly recorded by a creeper in the stands. Last week, after their photo turned back to normal, I’d almost thought we’d seen the end of their story. I’m glad we haven’t seen the last of them yet.

Sew: Liu has broken up with him. His photo hasn’t changed, and he has no idea what to do besides feeling left out because Alex seems to want to help fix everyone else’s life before his best friend. I was sad he didn’t get more airtime in this episode, but Sing did release a new OST song for this series, and it’s fabulous.

Ice and Kim: Ice is ready to give up everything to be the dad of the year, but Kim doesn’t want to keep the baby – but Ice does. In the end, after a conversation with Alex, Ice realizes he’s not ready to be a father. But one thing he is prepared for is to love Kim forever. 

Kat: After putting her attack from Captain behind her, Kat is starting to return to her authentic self. She’s ready to put herself out there – but not for a relationship. The first guy she runs into is Tony, who finds her attractive but only wants a relationship with Jean. 

Jean: While her part in this episode was small, she was pivotal in helping Kim decide what to do about her pregnancy.

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