A wise woman once sang: “There’s only two types of people in the world. The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe.” Well, Snow Man’s Koji Mukai was most definitely put on this planet to entertain, and I am so glad I get to observe this wickedly funny and smoking hot man do his thing. Because, oh my goodness, can he entertain!

Koji Mukai: Dream Boat.

Born on 21 June 1994 in Osaka, his Father is Japanese while his mother is from Thailand, and when he was younger, his family lived between both countries, so he is fluent in Thai. Johnny Kitagawa (the founder of Johnny & Associates) actually discovered Mukai while in Bangkok. He saw his photo on a wall along with his older brother, Tatsuro.

Mukai officially joined the company on 8 October 2006, and was a part of Muay Thai Mukai Brothers (with Tatsuro), Little Gangs, Shadow WEST, and Kin Kan before officially joining Snow Man on 17 January 2019 with Raul and Meguro. 

Mukai (Left) with Kin Kan

In addition to his distinctive voice and dance ability, Mukai is one of those actors with the gift of comedic timing. He’s incredibly fun – and very funny to watch. Cast as the lead brother, Matsuno Osomatsu, in the 2022 comedy Mr. Osomatsu with the rest of Snow Man, Mukai was able to show off just how funny he is. The film is bizarre (in the best way possible), and Mukai has some of the most truly outrageous laugh-out-loud moments I’ve seen in film. While you can tell he (and every other talent signed under Johnny & Associates) is serious about his career, when it comes to himself as an individual, he’s very self-self-deprecating and not above a good poop joke. Then, in the blink of an eye, he can turn silly into sexy, and with a wink and smile, you’re sweating because of how hot he is. Seriously, this man would give Flynn Rider a run for his money with that smolder.

Those eyes… that smolder…

A gifted dancer, Mukai has actually choreographed the unit song P.M.G for the group’s live tour – which you can see below.

His non-musical hobbies include Thai Boxing and an intense love of photography (all while being incredibly dreamy)

Seriously, he’s so dreamy!

Mukai will join Snow man’s leader Iwamoto Hikaru at Japan Expo in Bangkok on 3 – 5 February 2023 at centralwOrld. 

More Mukai and the rest of Snow Man soon so…

Stay Tuned!

Mukai mugging it up with Naniwa Danshi’s Michi (left) Snow Man’s Iwamoto (center) and Sakuma (right)