Dirty Laundry was the perfect center to the radical drama of Midnight Motel and the dramatic romance of Moonlight Chicken. It’s an off-the-rails comedic who-done-it that brings meaning to WTF? Seriously, the series is batsh*t crazy, and I love it!


Nanon Koropat stars as Night, a novelist who loses a briefcase filled with cash after a love-sick Neon, the owner of a laundromat steals it. But then someone steals it from her, leaving the dopey duo with no choice but team up and run through a laundry list of kooky characters all of whom have the potential to be a criminal(ly insane) mastermind.


This is a new type of role for Nanon. He’s a goofball. Adorable, but a goofball nonetheless. Film is brighter than neon in this role. She’s so much fun, to watch and even though you know EVERYTHING IS HER FAULT, you can’t help but root for her clumsy cuteness. I’ve been a fan of Pond Naravit since Fish Upon the Sky, and I knew he was a good actor, but I have never seen him like this before. His character of Judo is frattiest of sexy frat boys, naughty, but deep down (like way WAY deep), he’s got a heart of gold. Jennie Panhan can do no wrong, ever. The woman can do EVERYTHING! Foei Patara always fascinates me. He can be the most suave and sexy of men, but then a blink be the biggest goober on the planet. I love it. I have not seen much of Godji Tachakorn, Kapook Phatchara, and Zani Nipaporn in other dramas yet, but after this series I will for sure check out some of their other shows. From what I have seen of Godji, she does not take herself seriously AT ALL which is something that I love.


Nanon in drag. He is an adorable man, with the cutest dimples I have ever seen. His voice is heart-meltingly swoon-worthy and he’s just a damn fine actor. Then he goes and does and puts on a wig and a little bit of make-up and BAM!! he’s a kock-out!?!? Is there nothing this kid can’t do?

There are still 3 episodes left of Dirty Laundry. The series airs every Wednesday and Thursday on the official GMMTV YouTube page. More of the Midnight Series soon so…

Stay Tuned!