Episode Eight of My School President brought us to the first round of the Hot Wave competition, with many hot and steamy waves between the characters (GMMTV knows their audience). So, in the words of the Spice Girls from their 1997 cinematic masterpiece Spice World:

It’s about to get wet and wild. 

To prepare for Hot Wave  Gun and the band asks for permission to stay at the school so they can continue practicing. Principal Photjanee Tinn’s Mother) agrees on one condition: Someone trustworthy must also remain at the school to supervise the group. In a moment of selflessness, Tinn takes on the responsibility. Lies. It’s not selfless. He wants to get close to Gun (of course) and make sure nothing is going on with Sound because Thiew may have seen (part of) an interaction between them that gave him the sense that they may be something more than friends. 

Dream Gun promising Tinn his world.

Tinn loses himself in multiple daydreams that involve him and Gun in the showers at school. These scandalous moments prove that within this prim and proper student body president beats the restless heart of a horny teenager (it’s hysterical). 

A minty fresh mouth is a happy (and kissable) mouth

But it isn’t all flowers and fun. 

Gun is struggling. As the head of the group, he’s got a lot of pressure to ensure everyone performs their best. He’s also struggling to keep his (budding) relationship with Tinn secret, even though Tinn is always just a blink away from breaking that box wide open. On top of that, he still has the everyday pressures of being a high school senior.

So, when he feels that the group isn’t giving their all, he snaps. 

Luckily Tin rushes to his side and helps him talk it out. Then, to help him cool down, he pushes Gun into the pool. As unconventional as the approach is, it helps. To thank him, Gun pulls him into the water with him. The two spend the rest of the scene shirtless (again, GMMTV knows their audience). 

After Sound leaves for an acting “workshop” for his new series, on the third night in a row, Win follows him. He discovers that Sound isn’t working. Instead, he’s getting physical therapy. He’s developed a sprain in his wrist that could hinder the group’s success at Hot Wave. As the ice between the two melts, the spark of romance finally starts to fan into a warm and wonderful flame to warm the hearts of fans everywhere!

Win+Sound = Side Couple Perfection!

The night before the competition, Gun can’t sleep. So Tinn takes him out to talk. It’s a sweet and heartwarming scene that ends with Tinn revealing he won’t be able to see him perform. His mother has set up an important meeting concerning the medical faculty he wants to study at university. 

In almost every other BL I’ve seen thus far, Tinn’s confession would’ve turned into an argument that left the audience—questioning if they were truly meant to be. But, as a high school dramedy, the characters are pretty mature. Instead of crying, Gun smiles and tells him they each have their own dreams that they want to pursue. But it wasn’t an ultimatum statement, it was a “That’s okay, that’s not going to hurt our relationship” kind of statement. 

Besides, Gun’s Mom is still there, showing why she is the best Mom in the BL realms!

And the winner of the BL dramas Mom of the Year goes to Gim!

One of the things I love about this series is how both lead characters are nothing but green flags. The drama isn’t coming from their own egos or attitudes (minus Gun’s five-second act of jealousy in episode 7). Their relationship started and is developing honestly and healthily. 

In the end, Tinn decides to support Gun and the rest of the group at the competition. His mother is shocked, but he doesn’t give her a chance to try and persuade him. He races off and gets there just in time to support the man he loves. After the competition, the two also have a soft and heartfelt moment. Then, when you think we’re finally going to get a real first kiss, Gun pulls out another green flag and respects the club’s rules Gun holds so close to his heart and instead kisses him on the forehead. 

Tinn is all of us watching Episode 8 of My School President.

If it’s not clear, I love this series. So much. More My School President soon so…

Stay Tuned!

You didn’t really think I’d ignore this scene, did you?